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Essay # 2

I always want to give you the very best service I can. So I feel that switching, or changing roles, is necessary to provide that. The role I play often makes the difference between a good call and a GREAT call for you. Because it is all about what you need at that moment. And your needs, like your moods, do change. Sometimes you may not really know what you are in the mood for. So we start with me Dominating you. Somewhere between kneeling before me and obeying my orders, you may realize that what you really need is to experience the thrill of bending me to your will.

All you have to do is politely stop me, and let me know what you would like. I will “switch” gears and we will get right back to your fantasy, only now we have changed roles. That is ecause I am a professional phone fantasy artist. That means that I have the ability to be flexible, creative and weave a story that will make the world fade away, so that all you are aware of is me, you and the fantasy we are sharing.

You can count on an incredible call with me the first time…the second time and every time you call. I am not a one-trick pony girl. My kinky experience in my personal life has provided me with a veritable arsenal of erotic ideas. And I add to them on an ongoing basis. When you find one, or ten, you really enjoy…I can bring them out again and again to keep you smiling and satisfied.

Maybe you have a role-play fantasy in mind. You will find that I am a consummate actress with an uncanny ability to ad-lib your outline and really bring it to life! I love to be Mean Mistress, Strict Domme, Sensuous Fem Domme, Daddy’s girl, teachers pet, sexy slut neighbor, Dominant Bitch or submissive tease. I’m sure there is some scenario that has been dancing around your mind. Tell me about it and let’s make that fantasy real.


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