sweet and nasty phone sex essays by Mistress Violet

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Essay # 1

One of the traits that sets me apart and above the average phone fantasy artist, is my ability to “switch gears” as needed. Sometimes you don’t know precisely what you want. So we may start a session with me dominating you. You are having a good time…enjoying our time together, but suddenly you realize that you would enjoy turning the tables, so to speak. No longer being submissive to me, but rearing up and taking control of the scene. I will sense that and go with you. Or you can say, “Let’s change places.” I’m not going to argue that, or try to talk you into continuing what we were doing. This is YOUR call. My goal is to ensure that you have the call of your life and decide you want to call me again!

So there is no need to be shy or nervous. Unless you just enjoy that when you are submitting. *smile* Tell me what you enjoy, what you have fantasized about, or just are curious about. There is very little that I am not willing to explore with you in our session. I ADORE older men, so I’m really into you playing my Controlling Sugar Daddy, Masterful Professor, Mean Teacher, Horny Neighbor and just about anything else you have thought about. And I would have a lot of fun playing your Fantasy Fem Domme, Manipulative Student, Naughty Girl Next Door, or Strict Mommy.

My mind is very creative and I take delight in hearing your thoughts/input and fashioning a scene, lush with the kind of details that sweep you in and make the session come to life! Yes, it will be intense. You will find yourself gasping with surprise, moaning with pleasure and panting with the sheer power of it. And as we come to know each other better, I will be able to intuit your needs before you even realize you have them. Pushing your boundaries a little. Taking you to heights of passion unrealized…until you found me.

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